Pop Quiz – Test Your Health Literacy

Dr. Fred Voon

Emergency Physician and author asks:

Let’s see if you can tell medical myth from truth.

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What’s more dangerous? Stepping on a rusty nail barefoot, or stepping on a clean nail through sneakers?

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For nosebleeds should you hold pressure while tipping your head down or back?

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What’s the average wait time to see a doctor at a Canadian Emergency Department?

Should you call the Emegency Department to ask what the wait time is or with health questions to see if you need to come in?

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Will you get seen faster in the Emergency Department if you arrive by ambulance compared to driving in yourself?

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If you had a case of the stomach flu, should you drink plain water, ginger ale, or half-strength apple juice?

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If you had bad abdominal pain shooting through to the back, I would tell you to go to the Emergency immediately. What condition am I worried about that kills 9 of 10 people?

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What common kitchen ingredient would I recommend using over cough syrups?


This is information the public needs to know and I hope to share on podcasts and in newspapers and magazines.

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