Your Inside Guide to the Emergency Department

And How to Prevent Having to Go!

“This is a reference that belongs in every household and every waiting room”

This is the first book for the general public, written by a physician, to guide you through what really happens in the Emergency Department, and to answer common questions such as:

  • Why do you have to wait so long?
  • Why did that person get seen before you?
  • Who gets seen faster?
  • How can you get treated sooner?
  • Why do you have to tell the same story over again?
  • Who are all these people?
  • What and whom should you bring?

In addition to providing a guided tour of a typical Emergency Department, Dr. Voon also offers some practical tips and tricks to help you stay out of the ED.

He also busts some common myths and provides approaches you can try at home to deal with common medical complaints.

  • What does an Emergency Doctor think everyone should stock in their Home Medicine Cabinet?
  • What internet sites can we trust?
  • What should you do to prepare in case you have to go the hospital?

In Canada there are over 15 million Emergency visits a year. In the USA, over 145 million annually – a shocking 46 visits for every 100 persons!

Never been inside an Emergency Department? You may be unprepared for reality if you’re relying on a TV drama or internet search for what to expect.

If you have been, either for yourself or with a loved one, you may be left with many questions about what happened and why.

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