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Your Inside Guide to the Emergency Department

And How to Prevent Having to Go!

Non-fiction cover, health guide and reference

“Authoritative, illuminating, and calming health care advice.

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Will you be one of the over 15 million Emergency visitors a year in Canada? In the USA, over 145 million patients are seen annually – a shocking 46 visits for every 100 persons!

Some things you think might be an emergency actually aren’t. Certain symptoms are highly dangerous but you may not recognize that you should be calling 9-1-1.

This is the first book for the general public, written by a physician, to guide you through what really happens in the Emergency Department, and to answer common questions such as:

  • Why do you have to wait so long?
  • Why did that person get seen before you?
  • Who gets seen faster?
  • How can you get treated sooner?
  • Why do you have to tell the same story over again?
  • Who are all these people?
  • What and whom should you bring?

  • Non-fiction cover
  • "An insider's guide on how the ER works, who should go, and maybe who does not need to. This is packed together with a bunch of simple advice on how to take care of common health problems. A fascinating read."
  • “Well written, easy to follow & read, clear and concise. Intriguing, interesting, practical & useful information. Would make a great household book.”
  • “This is a thoughtful resource, offering exceptional insights into the emergency department and helping the public make informed decisions about their visit. This guide truly illustrates the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s deep commitment and contract with society, placing the patient and public at the centre of everything we do.”
  • “A great read. Wish everyone could read this before coming to the ER.”
  • “Super interesting, and a great resource for home or camp or anywhere that you might care for someone."
  • “I cracked it open last night and I honestly couldn’t put it down! So many practical ‘pearls’ and you’ve written it in such a warm, reassuring style.”
  • "Helpful and Informative"
  • “Authoritative, illuminating, and calming health care advice.”
  • I believe everyone should have a copy of this book! … This is an excellent resource for everyone, whether you plan to go to ED, are already there, or you left (and complain that 'nobody did anything'). Loved the tables and the easy to digest information - thank you for writing this!
  • Dr. Voon has written a fabulous guide for all Canadians to help us better understand when to go (AND NOT GO) to the Emergency Department (ED), and what to expect when you do go. He also provides great ideas on self-care at home and what to have in your own at-home pharmacy to help reduce the need for a visit to the ED …a great, quick and easy read!!
  • “Dr. Voon has written a book that is much needed. He has demystified, with relevant information and in clear language, what is happening in Emergency Rooms that should calm those who read it and then feel the need to visit an ER. And isn’t that most of us at some point? Anything that can be done to lessen the high anxiety and worry that everyone will have when they feel they need that kind of help is to be applauded. Dr. Voon’s motivation in writing this book is clear: he wishes to improve the patient experience when dealing with the health care system. That should tell you lots about what kind of physician he is.”

In addition to providing a guided tour of a typical Emergency Department, Dr. Voon also offers some practical tips and tricks to help you stay out of the ED.

He also busts some common myths and provides approaches you can try at home to deal with common medical complaints.

  • What does an Emergency Doctor think everyone should stock in their Home Medicine Cabinet?
  • What internet sites can we trust?
  • What should you do to prepare in case you have to go the hospital?

Never been inside an Emergency Department? You may be unprepared for reality if you’re relying on a TV drama or internet search for what to expect.

If you have been, either for yourself or with a loved one, you may be left with many questions about what happened and why.

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